Monday 5 October 2020

Hymns of the month

Many of the elements of our home education approach follow a regular rhythm. We always have an artist study on the go, along with a composer study. We also have a folk song we're learning and a hymn each month too. 

For hymns, Ambleside Online have a hymn of the month rotation which we often follow, although we do occasionally substitute if there's an alternative one we're itching to do. 

Over on Luke's YouTube channel is a growing playlist of hymns, many of which are on Ambleside's list, and we'd love you to use the videos in your own routine so please like, subscribe and share with others who may benefit. 

We'd love to know hymns or praise songs you'd like to see on the channel too!

We also really like the Happy Hymnody channel, which has a strong family focus on teaching hymns to children (and who have their own great hymns of each month).

If you use hymns in your routine, we'd love to hear what your favourites are, and do also share links to the resources you find helpful too!

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