Tuesday 31 December 2019

Giving Duplo a new lease of life with Hubelino marble run kits

I love seeing our kids grow up, but for every transition there's a little sadness. Over the years we've amassed a whole chest of Duplo which has brought much joy to our three children, however as they've got older they're more interested in Lego and the Duplo chest has seen less and less action.

That all changed recently when we discovered the Hubelino marble run attachments which has brought our Duplo hoard back into use, especially for our older two.

We've had the regular cylindrical marble runs over the years, however no two sets ever seem to be compatible, they get really wobbly when you try to build them to any height, and there never seem to be enough spacer pieces to really do anything spectacular.

That's where we've been so impressed with the Hubelino sets - we've got enough Duplo to be able to do ambitious builds, it's all far more stable, and the range of marble run pieces themselves are really versatile.

We've not come across Hubelino previously (and this isn't a sponsored post - we're just impressed with the kit) but looking them up, we like their mission statement and intention to promote spatial intelligence and understanding of physical principles through play.

All three of ours have enjoyed it, but for our 7 and 10 year olds in particular it's been challenging and engaging as they've iterated their designs and added more and more complexity and height.

If you've got a large amount of Duplo lying around then all you need is the elements kit (we got the big 128 piece one). The main construction kits come with the regular Duplo style blocks so they're worth getting if you're likely to need more blocks. We also got the twister expansion set which has added another layer of interest, and I've got my eye on the catapult expansion in future!

We're really glad we invested in some Hubelino sets, it's been a great way to extend the life of our Duplo, hopefully for a good few years to come as we feel we're only starting to scratch the surface of what's possible in terms of complexity of run designs.

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